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Realtors Need To Figure This Out Before The Economy Wipes Them Out

How Elite Realtors Have Made Their First $100K In Gross Commissions The Easy Way

Realtors have been in the same place for decades… 

Just scrambling around like chickens with our heads cut off…

Trying to make the first $100k in gross commissions.

So before you go about your day today…

Let’s actually get to the bottom of this problem.

Otherwise, another year will pass and you’ll be in the same place…

Making that same “barely scraping by” income.

You’ll know you can do a lot more because you’re totally capable…

But for some reason you’re still at an income level you don’t deserve.

And with the looming financial uncertainty in the United States…

It’s time you figure this out before it gets harder and harder to make 6-figures.

I put together this page and program to show you how to crack your first $100k in gross commissions, explain why you cannot wait to do this, and reveal how the new wave of elite realtors operate.

Take 5 minutes here with me to see this. It might be the best thing you can do for your career.

Hi, my name is Darren Langille.

 I'm the founder of Redline Real Estate, an ultra-service boutique real estate group with Real Broker. We have operations extending across North America.
During my last 17 years in real estate…

I’ve been lucky enough to be a property investor, top 1% producing solo realtor, top 5 producing sales team leader...

And now the chief strategist & agent coach for the North America wide expansion of the Redline Real Estate | Real Broker.

It’s been quite a wild ride! And while I’m very grateful, I used to be the one fighting tooth and nail to make my first $100k in commission.

It was like this high-in-the-sky dream at the time. I just wish someone who had done it before would have shown me the path. It would have made life a LOT easier.

So today, I’ll not only show you the exact path to cracking your first $100k in commissions this year…

Something we’ve done with hundreds other realtors like you already…

But I’ll also explain the REAL problem realtors face.

It has nothing to do with closing clients, building a team, or anything you've heard before.

It has to do with your income.

Your take-home commissions!

The harsh truth is that you have to just hit that $100k. Nothing else matters until you do. Here’s why...

Life doesn’t begin until you start making $100k per year in gross commissions.

I know, I know… It’s not all about the money. But there is that certain level of income you need to hit.

Money can't buy happiness, but it can give you confidence for the rest of your career. You know deep down you can do it too, otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

If you have a family, kids, or like to live with real freedom...

$50k per year isn’t going to cut it. Even $90k per year doesn’t give you the ability to live in a nice house without debt piling up.

You can’t send your kids (or future kids) to the best colleges without at least $100k per year in commissions. You can’t buy your family a beautiful house that you all love without $100k per year in commissions.

You do not have what most people call "financial freedom" until $100k. This has always been the case. And until you hit this, you’ll always be scrambling around wondering what’s holding you back.

Plus, let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s going to feel SO good once you cross $100k in commissions this next year. Not because of the extra income or praise from your co-workers. That stuff is all secondary. The icing on the cake.

The real thing that changes once you hit your first $100k is control. For maybe the first time in your real estate career, you’re going to feel in control.

You’ll feel like clients come to YOU, clients want to close a deal with YOU, and your team respects YOU as an agent. It’s all about that feeling of setting a goal and actually doing it!

So how do you make this happen?

NOT by hiring a marketing agency, spamming your clients with referral requests, or working overtime.

Instead, you need a real system. Something that's been tested by hundreds 6-figure real estate agents already.

I’ll actually give this to you today, so pay close attention here.

1. Database Mastery 

As real estate agents, we should live and breathe our database. If you’ve heard anything different, forget it right now.

Your database is how you land new clients, close listings and deals, and do pretty much your whole job.

Unfortunately, most agents’ databases look like a disorganized Salesforce or Zoho mess. Even worse, they don’t have any process for streamlining their sales pipelines.

If you do have a process, I guarantee it can’t touch how our 6-figure agents do it. So in one second, I'll give you access to this.

But step number one is becoming a database master!

2. Social Media Mastery

Social media is usually our downfall, even for good realtors and agents. Yet, social media isn't going away.

With the metaverse coming too, we have zero time to waste. New inventions in Web3 are going to make realtors less valuable UNLESS we master social media and understand the digital landscape.

I get that social media is stressful. It seems hard to learn. And sometimes it might seem like a waste of your precious time.

But with the simple social media process you'll get today, you'll never struggle with it again. I promise to make it super easy.

You’ll become very well-known in your area using this. And with the skill of social media under your belt, $100k per year in commissions is inevitable.

3. Sphere Of Influence

Lastly, you need to become the go-to agent. You likely hear this a lot, but it's still the most important.

Building a robust "sphere of influence" will change your life. It makes your job less stressful and opens up more opportunities.

Although this used to be hard to do, I’ll show you the simple switch you can flip to become the most sought-after agent in your area.

I don’t say this lightly, because not everyone is capable of doing this. However, if you’re willing to do the work - and follow the templates and systems I’m about to give you - it's more than possible.

You’ll become the person who everyone turns to for real estate. Your entire career will seem like it’s running itself. And you’ll have the freedom to pick your favorite listings and close the biggest deals.

Before I give you all this, let's recap. To hit your first $100k in commission, you need…

1. Database Mastery
2. Social Media Mastery
3. Sphere Of Influence
Now you could try to figure this stuff out on your own. And I’m sure you already have in a lot of ways.

Paying other people thousands of dollars for marketing or wasting weekends trying to grow your social media. Maybe you've even tried to build a growth system for yourself.

Trust, I've been in the same boat!

The truth is though, you can rarely cross $100k in gross commissions on your own.

There’s no point in trying, especially when other 6-figure agents can show you how to do it.

No hassle. No stress. No complexity.

This is why I spent over 10 years developing my 6-Figure Blueprint.

I created it with one single intention in mind:

To help realtors everywhere make $100,000 in gross commissions as fast as possible...

And set the foundation for pulling in 2-5 times that amount in the years to come.

So that's why you're watching this video today. I'm giving you my 6-Figure Blueprint.

Now before you get too excited, this of course isn’t free. It shouldn’t be because you’re getting a proven system to make $100k per year as a realtor.

It’s not going to break the bank at all, but it IS a massive investment in your career. Something that can, quite literally, change the course of your life.

So today I’ll hand you my entire 6-Figure Blueprint for $37.

Just click the button below to get your hands on it!

For $37, you’ll get a complete “cheat code” to clear $100k in commissions. And the principles will last you for years to come.

This is not a quick hack to make some extra cash in real estate. It’s not made for realtors who aren’t serious about becoming the best they can be. It’s certainly not for people who aren’t willing to follow the system to a T.

However, if you're fed up with making less than you deserve, and you think you have what it takes…

This WILL be the best $37 dollars you have ever spent. That’s my promise to you.

You’ll discover how to become the go-to realtor in your area without much work, make a life-changing income, and support your family like never before.

Click the button below to get the 6-Figure Blueprint right now!

To put this into perspective too, $37 is what you’d spend on a fancy dinner date. It’s what you spend on a couple of tanks of gas.

It’s basically nothing… Because the upside of improving your real estate career is MASSIVE. The sky's the limit in real estate, and you know that by now. Yet if you wait around, this economy and uncertainty can - and probably will - wipe you out. 

Making measly commissions is a thing of the past. It’s time to step up and challenge yourself this year. Go through the entire 6-Figure Blueprint today, follow everything inside of it, and watch as you grow.

It will be a crazy thing to experience because, by this time next year, your life could look VERY different.

You might be driving a fancier car, eating at nicer restaurants, spending time around wealthier (and more positive) people, and operating at a completely different level.

The 6-Figure Blueprint is like a “gold mine” for realtors, and it doesn’t make sense to NOT use it.

In fact, if you don’t like what’s inside or it doesn't work for you…

I will personally refund your $37. No questions asked.

So at this point, you have two choices…

1. Stay In The Same Place


2. Make Your First $100k In Commissions Now

Both options are fine. There’s no right or wrong choice. However if you’ve watched this far, you owe it to yourself to try this.

The cost of inaction is much worse than taking the leap. It's like sitting on the sidelines instead of getting in the game.

And since this is 100% risk-free, and it only costs $37, why not join us inside?

Click the button right below this video to get my 6-Figure Blueprint, hit $100k in commissions, and change your real estate career forever.

See you inside!